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Santa Rosa Junior College Improvements – Santa Rosa CA

Date added: June 25, 2008

A PWA grant and bonds made possible a group of buildings at Santa Rosa Junior College, including an administration unit, large assembly hall and library. These plans were drawn up by C.A. Calkins, and the building materials were steel, concrete,… read more

Corona Creek Elementary School Improvements – Petaluma CA

Date added: June 25, 2008

This may have been the Waugh School, which benefited from several WPA projects. The WPA installed a new foundation, strengthened and reinforced the framing of the building, added a new stucco exterior, and reroofed and repainted it.

Venice High School – Los Angeles CA

Date added: June 23, 2008

"When Venice High School first opened, classes were held in the former Lagoon Bathhouse. A campus in the Neoclassical style was constructed in 1913-1914, but was demolished following the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake. The architectural firm of Austin and Ashley,… read more

Venice High School Murals – Los Angeles CA

Date added: June 23, 2008

Two 35' x 12' fresco murals by Grace Clements and Helen Lundeberg are located in the school library. They were funded by the WPA-FAP in 1941. One depicts the "History of Early California" and the other the "History of Southern… read more

Highland Hospital Clinic (Demolished) – Oakland CA

Date added: June 23, 2008

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a central clinic building in the Highland Hospital in Oakland in 1935 or 1936.  The exact location and design of that building are unknown. There is no evidence that the WPA clinic building is… read more

Inglewood High School – Fine Arts Building – Inglewood CA

Date added: June 23, 2008

The fine arts building was reconstructed in 1936, including: removing brickwork to make the building more earthquake safe, installing new columns and beams to carry vertical loads, building a new fireproof starway, rearranging windows to bring in more light, updating… read more

Corona Heights Playground – San Francisco CA

Date added: June 20, 2008

Made a start on what is to be an important unit of the group of playgrounds. Photographs show the rugged character of the country being remoulded for recreational needs.–Healy, p. 66.

Cotton Auditorium – Fort Bragg CA

Date added: June 18, 2008

The Cotton auditorium stands adjacent to the Fort Bragg Middle School (formerly Fort Bragg High School).  It was completed in 1938 with Public Works Administration (PWA) funding and named after Principal Joel Cotton in 1939. It was restored in 2006. The… read more

Mendocino Woodlands Camp – Mendocino CA

Date added: June 18, 2008

“The most interesting site though was the 700 acre Mendocino Woodlands State Park located in the Jackson State Forest about 8 miles east of Highway One. The site is long, narrow and steeply sloped. See map of camp 1 above…. read more