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    Cemetery Improvements – Goffstown NH

    Date added: May 31, 2014

    A municipal report of 1934 describes CWA work on a local cemetery: Cemetery Project US.Govt.Funds on C.W.A. Project Paid for labor $1,556.50 Stone furnished $57.00 Total $1,613.50 The town constructed a wrought iron fence, the CWA’s share was the granite… read more

    Municipal Improvements – Peterborough NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014

    The Peterborough town reports of 1937 and 1940 report WPA involvement in various projects: Water Main on Pine St. Sidewalk project #1314 24 men employed Library wall project #966 18 men employed Powers Bridge project #1194 31 men employed “In… read more

    Cemetery Improvements – Fremont NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014; Modified: May 30, 2014

    A town report for 1938 says that the WPA helped in the reconstruction of the Curtis and Village cemeteries (located in what is now Chester, NH), in work that employed 30 men.

    Municipal Water Projects – Gorham NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014; Modified: May 30, 2014

    Municipal reports from 1938 and 1939 reported the following WPA activity in Gorham: 1937 Storm drains Alpine St & Promenade St. Water mains Alpine St and to the Island on the east end of Washington St. The town is now… read more

    Municipal Improvements – Bartlett NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014

    Municipal reports document numerous WPA infrastructure projects in Bartlett from 1936-39: 1936: WPA Thorn Hill & Saco River dyke jobs Dredging & breakwater work on Saco River Small part of wages were paid by W.P.A. funds $528.00 spent by WPA… read more

    Library Improvements – Danville NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014; Modified: May 30, 2014

    From a 1938, “REPORT OF THE DANVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY” “During the past year there have been several changes and improvements made in the Library. The walls and ceilings have been repaired and whitened as a part of the W. P…. read more

    Municipal Improvements – Danville NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014; Modified: May 30, 2014

    In 1935, the CWA and WPA were involved in cemetery work in the town employing 10 people. W. P. A. Hall project $2,625.36 W. P. A. Road project $223.46 W. P. A. Old Meetinghouse project. $42.64

    Municipal Improvements – Boscawen NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014

    SELECTMEN’S REPORT To the Citizens of Boscawen: That the people of Boscawen, may more fully comprehend the financial assistance the town has received for W. P. A. Projects and what was accomplished by obtaining such projects, we submit the following… read more

    Municipal Water Projects – Ashland NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014; Modified: May 30, 2014

    Between 1935 and 36 the WPA helped in reconstruction work on the town water supply Jackson Pond which had originally been built in 1894. In 1936, the WPA supplied labor for a water extension.

    Hurricane Reconstruction – Sandwich NH

    Date added: May 30, 2014

    After a hurricane in 1938, the WPA helped with repairs. A municipal report detailed the costs involved: Estimate of Hurricane Damage in survey made by State Engineers and Town Road Agents, Oct. 10, 1938— Washouts $15,815.00 Culverts– $1,620.00 Bridges—- $9,775.00… read more

    Attitash Mountain Resort – Bartlett NH

    Date added: May 26, 2014

    Attitash is a year round ski area located on U.S. Route 302 in Bartlett, New Hampshire near North Conway. It is operated by Peak Resorts. Located in the heart of the White Mountains, Attitash is home to two mountains, Attitash… read more

    Road Work – Canterbury NH

    Date added: May 26, 2014

    The town road agent Clifford Davis reported in the annual town report for 1937 that: “Work Accomplished on W. P. A. Project 378 Graveling, Widening, Culverts, Ditching and Bush Cutting on the Hackelborough, MacElroy, Pickard, Morrill, Concord, Colby, Asby, &… read more

    Town Wharf – Center Harbor NH

    Date added: May 25, 2014

    The 1934 town report under town appropriations says that $1500.00 was spent on “Wharf C.W.A. Fed. project” It is located behind the hardware store and is used by the the town fire department according to a recent selectmen report. A… read more