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Flood Park – Menlo Park CA

Date added: October 15, 2008

Flood park "was added in the 1930s. Under the direction of San Mateo Counter Planner Ronald Campbell, WPA (Works Progress Administration) workers transformed a windswept grainfield into a beautiful urban park. Campbell designed Flood Park in the style of early… read more

Crissy Field Painting – San Francisco CA

Date added: September 28, 2008

Steel brushing and painting Crissy Field buildings #20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, and 48. Paint yellow and black checkerboard on roofs of buildings #25 and 29. Paint obstructions and boundary light at Crissy Field.–Mooser, p. 83.

Angel Island Fire Trails – Tiburon CA

Date added: September 28, 2008

Remove approximately one mile of existing old telephone line and replace with new poles and wire. Cut fire trails under existing telephone line and transmission line from Quarantine Station to a point on the North East of the Island. Resurface… read more

Angel Island Water Tanks – Tiburon CA

Date added: September 28, 2008

Construction of two 500,000 gallon square reservoir concrete slab bottom and sides with corrugated iron roofs, also 1,000 feet of 6 galvanized iron pipe to connect with existing water distribution lines. All necessary excavation, backfill and drainage installation.–Mooser, p. 94.

Crissy Field Landscaping – San Francisco CA

Date added: September 28, 2008

Continuation of excavation, filling in low areas, constructing new roads, parking areas, garages and playground; landscaping areas in vicinity of officers’ and non-commissioned officers’ quarters; landscaping and fire prevention work around flying field; construction of one double tennis court in… read more

Verdugo Hills High School – Tujunga CA

Date added: August 25, 2008

“Located in the foothills at the north end of the San Fernando Valley, Verdugo Hills High School opened its doors in September 1939. The Administration and Classroom Building pictured here was constructed in 1948, and continue the Spanish Colonial Revival… read more

Palomares Middle School – Pomona CA

Date added: August 21, 2008

Construction of a one-story frame and stucco shop and classroom building, improving the roof of the main building, and general grading and ground improvements.

La Verne Heights School – La Verne CA

Date added: August 21, 2008

The WPA first demolished the original school, which had been condemned as a fire hazard. New buildings included a seven classroom frame and stucco building, with and auditorium and library, ground improvements, and the conversion of an older building into… read more

Hawthorne Elementary School – Beverly Hills CA

Date added: August 21, 2008

Damaged by the 1933 earthquake, the school had consisted of three buildings- one of them condemned- and two tents. The WPA razed the condemned building and rebuilt a new classroom building, of frame and stucco construction, and also regraded the… read more

Peter Burnett Elementary School – Long Beach CA

Date added: August 21, 2008

SERA demolished the old school (which had been ruined by the 1933 earthquake), and the WPA built a new one-story flat roof steel frame classroom, total area of 19,000 square feet. The building was divided into classrooms and equipped with… read more