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    Bayou St. John Improvements – New Orleans LA

    Date added: July 26, 2012

    “In the early 20th century, commercial use of the Bayou declined, and the Carondelet Canal was filled in. A number of New Orleanians started living in houseboats on the Bayou. Complaints from people in nearby neighborhoods and sanitation concerns led… read more

    University Lake Shore

    University Lake – Baton Rouge LA

    Date added: June 13, 2012; Modified: June 13, 2012

    “In the early 1930s, the federal Works Progress Administration converted a thick cypress-tupelo swamp into an urban lake in Baton Rouge’s growing southeast environs. A lake was infinitely more appealing than a swamp, local officials believed, especially in the part… read more

    Louisiana State Capitol Annex

    Louisiana State Capitol Annex – Baton Rouge LA

    Date added: December 11, 2011

    "At the time the Louisiana State Capitol was constructed, it was considered large enough to house virtually all of the administrative offices and departments of the State government. This proved to be incorrect and due to urgent need, the State… read more

    Port Allen High School PWA Plaque

    Port Allen Middle School – Port Allen LA

    Date added: December 11, 2011

    "Port Allen is a town of 1,500 inhabitants, across the Mississippi from Baton Rouge. Its new high school is 1 story and part 2 stories in height and contains on the first floor 10 classrooms, administrative offices, and a first-aid… read more