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E. H. Crump Stadium, Memphis, Tenn.

Crump Stadium – Memphis TN

Date added: April 22, 2023

Built by the Works Progress Administration used to hold high school games and major football games, such as Memphis State Tiger games. It was an estimated to hold 28,000 spectators before it downsizes in 2006.

WPA wall - Knoxville TN

Whittle Springs Rd. Retaining Wall – Knoxville TN

Date added: November 15, 2022

The Works Progress Administration built a retaining wall to support the residential properties along the length of a sidewalk on Whittle Springs Rd. in North Knoxville. The wall, as well as a WPA inscription, can be found on the east… read more

Central High School Building Addition – Knoxville TN

Date added: November 30, 2019

Central High School was built in 1931. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) added a “school room equipment.” The WPA cost was $3,085.66. The WPA also did work on the football field and grounds improvements. The WPA cost was $4,750.76.

Haywood Farms – Stanton TN

Date added: September 11, 2019

In 1937, when the Resettlement Administration was turned over to the Farm Security Administration, the proposed farmstead community at Haywood Farms, Douglass Community, was still in the land acquisition stage. Within a year, the Farm Security Administration had “built or… read more

Federal Building – Clarksville TN

Date added: June 17, 2019

The Federal Building in Clarksville, Tennessee—originally constructed as a post office, was constructed during the Great Depression with Treasury Department funds. The design of the United States Post Office for Clarksville was released April 19, 1935, to be located on… read more

Post Office Murals (former) – Clarksville TN

Date added: June 17, 2019

Artist F. Luis Mora painted Arrival of the Renfro Family and Abundance of Today in 1938 for the Clarksville US Post Office. The two murals were placed in the lobby January 20, 1938 by the New York artist, assisted by… read more

Post Office – Lawrenceburg TN

Date added: June 17, 2019

The Lawrenceburg post office was completed in 1935 with Louis A. Simon as supervising architect and John W. Wolcott Jr. as architect. The original building is a “symmetrical five-by brick building” and has been extended with an addition that is… read more

High School (former) – Clarksville TN

Date added: June 16, 2019

The Clarksville High School received a 1935 addition to the building, funded by PWA, city, and Board of Education. PWA funded $14,000 of the total cost of $50,525. State PWA engineer was Thomas H. Allen, and Katterjohn was the low-bid… read more

Armory (former) – Clarksville TN

Date added: June 16, 2019

The National Guard Armory in Clarksville was one of several Art Deco-styled armories in the state. The site was surveyed January 1940, located north of the Austin Peay Normal School on Drane and Marion Street. Excavation and pouring of the… read more