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    Great Smoky Mountains National Park Development – Gatlinburg TN

    Date added: July 23, 2012; Modified: February 3, 2024

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park occupies large areas of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The park’s creation was a decades-long process, including advocacy in the late 19th century; legislation signed by President Calvin Coolidge in 1926; and donations and… read more

    Watkins Park Improvements – Nashville TN

    Date added: December 4, 2023

    The Works progress Administration made improvements to Watkins Park in Nashville TN. It is located Across 17th Ave N from the Public Works Administration-funded former Pearl High School.

    Centennial Park Band Stand

    Centennial Park Bandstand (demolished) – Nashville TN

    Date added: August 3, 2023; Modified: October 6, 2023

    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a bandshell ca. 1939 at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee, “to the right of the present structure.” That structure, which Living New Deal believes served between 1937 and 1963, has since been demolished and… read more

    Golf Course – Elizabethton TN

    Date added: July 7, 2015; Modified: August 25, 2023

    From the Elizabethton Golf Course website: “In late 1935 a group of Elizabethton business men made plans to buy and develop some local property into a golf course. They retained Raymond Campbell, Attorney and charter member of the group, to… read more

    Percy Warner Park: Entrance Steps – Nashville TN

    Date added: August 9, 2023

    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed the entrance steps at the northeast entrance to Percy Warner Park in Nashville, Tennessee, at Belle Meade Blvd. “Sumner Trails Chapter of Tennessee Trails will lead a 3.5 mile loop hike on the Warner… read more

    Percy Warner Park: Iroquois Steeplechase – Nashville TN

    Date added: April 23, 2015; Modified: August 9, 2023

    “Now a standard Nashville tradition, Iroquois Steeplechase traces roots back to 1936, when Marcellus Frost suggested a racecourse to take over a piece of Warner Parks. Mason Houghland, master of the Hillsboro Hounds, along with foxhunter Con. Thompson Ball, and… read more

    Federal Building – Clarksville TN

    Date added: June 17, 2019; Modified: August 8, 2023

    The Federal Building in Clarksville, Tennessee—originally constructed as a post office, was constructed during the Great Depression with Treasury Department funds. The design of the United States Post Office for Clarksville was released April 19, 1935, to be located on… read more

    Post Office Murals (destroyed) – Clarksville TN

    Date added: June 17, 2019; Modified: August 8, 2023

    Artist F. Luis Mora painted “Arrival of the Renfro Family” and “Abundance of Today” in 1938 for what was then the Clarksville post office (now Federal Building). The two murals were placed in the lobby January 20, 1938 by the… read more

    Centennial Park Art Center – Nashville TN

    Date added: January 12, 2014; Modified: August 3, 2023

    One-story, brick, H-shaped building with tile roof. This building was originally constructed by the Works Progress Administration as the swimming pool and bathhouse for Nashville’s Centennial Park. The swimming pool and bathhouse were closed during the Civil Rights movement as… read more

    Former Erwin, TN post office

    Post Office (former) – Erwin TN

    Date added: August 3, 2023; Modified: August 3, 2023

    The historic former post office building in Erwin, Tennessee was constructed with Treasury Department funds. Located just down the road from the post office that replaced it, the building’s cornerstone dates the New Deal post office to 1936. The building… read more

    Floyd Stadium – Murfreesboro TN

    Date added: August 3, 2023

    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted work in 1933 to construct what is now known as Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium at what was then the Middle State Normal School (Teachers College)—now Middle Tennessee State University. The facility has been enlarged… read more

    VA Psychiatric Hospital – Murfreesboro TN

    Date added: December 23, 2014; Modified: August 3, 2023

    The Public Works Administration (PWA) and VA built the psychiatric hospital in Murfreesboro between 1936, when President Roosevelt authorized it, and 1940, when it was opened. It is presently known as the Alvin C. York Campus.

    "C.W.A. Project," Morristown Gazette Mail, Dec. 4, 1933

    Stockyards – Morristown TN

    Date added: August 3, 2023

    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) constructed a stockyards building and enclosed a lot for sales, on North Cumberland Street in Morristown, Tennessee. The project included a “modern horse and mule shed,” and enabled farmers to sell their stock in a… read more