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    State Police Post (demolished) – St. Clair MI

    Date added: November 14, 2017; Modified: November 15, 2017

    Completed in 1938 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Michigan State Police District 2 post in St. Clair featured a walk-out basement along the St. Clair River. The building, which had been located at 1419 Oakland Ave., has since been demolished.

    Post Office – St. Clair MI

    Date added: November 1, 2013; Modified: April 11, 2017

    Constructed with New Deal funds in 1937-8. “Of contemporary design, the building has brick exterior walls with stone trim and wood windows. Granite steps and a platform with railings and lamp standards mark the front of the entrance. At the… read more

    "St. Clair River"

    Post Office Mural – St. Clair MI

    Date added: August 17, 2013; Modified: September 26, 2014

    The mural “St. Clair River,” installed in the lobby of the St. Clair, Michigan post office, was painted by James Calder. This was a Treasury Section of Fine Arts-funded project.