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Municipal Building – Lead SD

Date added: July 18, 2022

Lead, South Dakota’s striking Art Deco Municipal Building was constructed as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project during the Great Depression, although construction is sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA; see Lead Historic Preservation). The building “allowed the… read more

The Field House – Wessington Springs SD

Date added: November 28, 2021

Built in 1936, as a Worker’s Progress Administration (WPA) building project under President Roosevelt, the Municipal Field House is located in the Wessington Springs City Park approximately one block off of Dakota Avenue. Used yet today, it is the center… read more

Historic marker for CCC Camp SP-3 in South Dakot

CCC Camp SP3 – Fairburn SD

Date added: October 12, 2021

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) maintained a camp on French Creek east of Custer State Park in South Dakota from 1934 to 1941.  It was officially camp SP-3 (meaning State Park #3).  The recruits worked on projects in region under… read more

Watertown Auditorium – Watertown SD

Date added: April 3, 2021

The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Watertown Auditorium. The facility has two basketball and volleyball courts. It also has a stage with theater seating. For years it was used for rec league basketball and volleyball leagues and… read more

Stadium – Watertown SD

Date added: December 10, 2020

In 1940, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) received funding for a $66,000 project to build a high school athletic field and stadium for the Watertown school district. The construction was completed in 1941, and the site included a baseball field,… read more

Deerfield Dam – Hill City SD

Date added: June 8, 2020

Several New Deal agencies contributed to the construction of the Deerfield Dam in the vicinity of Hill City and the Black Hills National Forest, SD. Construction began before the Roosevelt Administration, continued during the New Deal, and finished after World War II…. read more

Baltic School (Former) – Baltic SD

Date added: March 29, 2020

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Baltic School in Baltic SD. The structure served as a public school. Its current use is unknown. A building plaque reads: “WPA project number 3883.”

Amsden Dam and Lake – Andover SD

Date added: April 3, 2018

Completed in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, what is now known as Amsden Lake was developed as a reservoir during the Great Depression. The dam “was built at a cost of $207,000 of clay faced with stone. The Federal… read more

Municipal Ballpark (demolished) – Aberdeen SD

Date added: April 3, 2018

Aberdeen’s Municipal Ballpark, a.k.a. Pheasant Park, was constructed in 1936, competed as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. The facility rebuilt in 1954 and demolished in 1975. The exact location of the since-demolished ballpark is unknown to Living New Deal.

City Auditorium – Hill City SD

Date added: March 26, 2018

The striking municipal auditorium on Main Street, Hill City, South Dakota was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1938. Originally 50 feet x 100 feet, this poured-concrete building has since received additions on its north and south sides. The… read more

Post Office (former) – Spearfish SD

Date added: February 15, 2018

In 1940 this post office opened for the use of the citizens of Spearfish. It was built in an architectural style that was used in many small towns. There were also offices in the basement to house federal programs such… read more

City Hall (former) – Spearfish SD

Date added: February 15, 2018

Situated in the center of the 700 block of Main Street in downtown Spearfish, South Dakota, the Spearfish City Hall is set back from the street with two large fir trees covering most of the front facade. The City Hall… read more

LaBolt Lake Bathouse – LaBolt SD

Date added: February 14, 2018

This bathhouse was built by the WPA in the 1939. It still stands today along the shore of LaBolt Lake, in Grant County, South Dakota. Much of it is in disrepair but it still stands as a nice tourist attraction…. read more

City Hall Mural – Sioux Falls SD

Date added: August 4, 2017

A three-piece fresco was painted byEdwin Boyd Johnson in 1936 for Sioux Falls’s brand-new city hall. The work is still extant and housed in the Commissioners Room.

O’Harra Memorial Stadium – Rapid City SD

Date added: September 17, 2016

CCC and WPA crews constructed this football stadium for the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City. From the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Quarterly: “With the help of Works Project Administration (WPA) laborers and… read more