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Pronghorn Antelope at Hart Mountain National Animal Refuge - Lakeview OR

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge – Lakeview OR

Date added: May 13, 2023

President Roosevelt signed an executive order on December 21, 1936 to establish the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge in Lake County, Oregon. This area served the largest, remaining pronghorn antelope herd in the United States. Comprised of Hart Mountain and the… read more

WPA Workers Raking leaves at Laurelhurst Park - Portland OR

Laurelhurst Park (maintenance) – Portland OR

Date added: April 29, 2023

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) became the New Deal’s primary work relief program for the general population in 1935. WPA funds supported a number of projects in City of Portland parks. In the case of Laurelhurst Park, WPA funds provided… read more

CCC Camp Gap Ranch Enrollees - Burns OR

CCC Camp Gap Ranch (former) – Burns OR

Date added: January 28, 2023

From 1934 to 1942, CCC Camp Gap Ranch operated in Harney County under the direction of the US Grazing Service, the precursor to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Enrollees at this 200-person Civilian Conservation Corps provided labor on projects… read more

Aerial view of CCC Camp Frederick Butte - Bend OR

CCC Camp Frederick Butte (former) – Bend OR

Date added: January 27, 2023

CCC Camp Frederick Butte (DG 68) was one of seven Civilian Conservation Corps camps established in Oregon to work with the US Grazing Service in the implementation of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. The Taylor Act created grazing districts… read more

Agency Valley Dam - Vale OR

Agency Valley Dam – Vale OR

Date added: January 11, 2023

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation authorized construction of the Agency Valley Dam, on the North Fork of the Malheur River, in 1933. The Hinman Brothers, of Denver, began work on the 110 foot high, earthen structure in March 1934 and… read more

Men working on side of Columbia Slough Channel to widen dike - Portland OR

Columbia Slough (improved) – Portland OR

Date added: December 28, 2022

From late December 1934 through early spring 1935, the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) funded improvements to the Columbia Slough that involved raising and leveling a dike on the slough’s channel approximately 1.5 miles east of Faloma station. While improving… read more

Beulah reservoir stone marker CCC BR-45 - Vale OR

CCC Camp Beulah (former) – Vale OR

Date added: December 26, 2022

A spike or side camp of CCC Camp Vale, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Beulah served enrollees during 1939 when they built the basalt stone wall at the crest of the Agency Valley Dam. As indicated by the company number… read more

Basalt Stone Wall built at the crest of the Agency Valley Dam - Vale OR

Beulah Reservoir Stone Walls – Vale OR

Date added: December 24, 2022

Beulah Reservoir, also known as Agency Valley Reservoir, was created with the completion of the Agency Valley Damn in 1935. Throughout 1939, the Bureau of Reclamation supervised enrollees at a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) spike camp. They built a stone… read more

Work Relief Crews at Duniway Park improving the area from landfill to park - Portland OR

Duniway Park (improved) – Portland OR

Date added: December 23, 2022

Although Duniway Park was founded in 1918 to serve residents in south Portland, improvements had been limited and those who used it complained of the odors associated with the landfill that originally established the playground area. In 1934, the Oregon’s… read more

CCC Camp Squaw Butte - Burns OR

CCC Camp Squaw Butte (former) – Burns OR

Date added: December 11, 2022

In the  winter of 1935, members of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) #1629 began construction of camp administrative and barracks buildings near Squaw Butte to facilitate CCC work related to the 16,000 acre Squaw Butte Federal Experimental Range Station. Today some… read more

CWA Crew Digging Trenches for Sewer Repair at SE Floral and SE Ankeny Street - Portland OR

Sewer Repair: SE Floral and Ankeny Streets – Portland OR

Date added: October 30, 2022

During the hard winter months of 1933-1934, the Civil Works Administration (CWA) was a work relief program that employed Portlanders on a variety of needed projects. Sewer repair work was one such project category. These men are shown doing sewer… read more