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    Ballentine Park with School in Background

    Ballentine Park Improvements – Norfolk VA

    Date added: March 18, 2022; Modified: March 18, 2022

    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded and provided labor for an improvement and beautification program in Norfolk’s Ballentine Park in 1937. The WPA allocated $12, 836 for the project with the city adding an additional $4,884. “The project call[ed] for… read more

    Old Dominion University: Rollins Hall – Norfolk VA

    Date added: May 2, 2015; Modified: May 2, 2015

    “The Administration Building, complete with a library, offices, six classrooms, two gymnasiums and a swimming pool, opens in September 1936. Funded by a loan and grant from the federal Public Works Administration, the cost is $123,000. In continuous use ever… read more

    Old Dominion University: Foreman Field – Norfolk VA

    Date added: April 2, 2015; Modified: May 2, 2015

    “A sports stadium was constructed at the Norfolk Division in 1936. The stadium cost approximately $300,000; money was appropriated through municipal funds and from the Virginia Emergency Relief Administration and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). During the summers, the stadium… read more

    Norfolk Botanical Garden – Norfolk VA

    Date added: May 28, 2014; Modified: June 4, 2014

    The Norfolk Botanical Garden is a 155 acre garden with 12 miles of paved trails and 65,000 plants. It receives about 300,000 visitors every year. Among the many interesting things at the Garden are tram tours, boat tours, a library,… read more

    Ocean View School

    Ocean View Elementary School – Norfolk VA

    Date added: February 12, 2012

    "The original application for a grant from the P.W.A. of $45,900 contemplated an annex to the existing school at an estimated cost of $102,000. Investigation disclosed that the old building was a fire hazard, so the city demolished it and… read more