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    Central Assembly Building & Auditorium – Nampa ID

    Date added: July 17, 2015; Modified: October 29, 2016

    A 1200-seat auditorium in the Public Works Administration (PWA) Moderne style built primarily as an addition to the facilities of Central Junior High School, but also served the Nampa community for many years as a venue for concerts, sporting events,… read more

    Lakeview Elementary School Addition – Nampa ID

    Date added: October 29, 2016

    The 1936 addition to Lakeview Elementary was a PWA project (docket #1098-RD). The building remains in use as the privately owned Idaho Arts Charter School. The windows appear to have been modernized, but the basic structure has not changed.

    East Side Elementary School (demolished) – Nampa ID

    Date added: October 29, 2016; Modified: October 29, 2016

    The PWA built this six-classroom elementary school in 1937 (docket #1093-RD). It remained in use until 1997, when it was demolished. The site is now East Side Park. Note: the Nampa School District history linked below indicates that the WPA… read more

    Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge – Nampa ID

    Date added: July 28, 2012; Modified: April 4, 2015

    “President Theodore Roosevelt created a national bird refuge at Deer Flat Reservoir, now Lake Lowell, with his February 25, 1909, executive order.[3] The refuge was one of 17 federal reclamation projects referenced in the order, each of which used manmade… read more