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    James O. Eastland Federal Building (former) Mural – Jackson MS

    Date added: April 19, 2014; Modified: May 11, 2024

    Now privately owned, the James O. Eastland federal post office and courthouse was constructed in 1933-34. The building contains a controversial New Deal mural painted in 1938 by Simka Simkovitch titled “Pursuit of Life in Mississippi.” After being covered up… read more

    Union County Jail (former) – New Albany MS

    Date added: November 4, 2019; Modified: May 3, 2024

    A new county jail and improvements to the existing county courthouse were approved as PWA project 1272 July 23, 1938. E. L. Malvaney was architect for the two-story concrete Art Deco jail. Construction began 10/10/1938 and was completed 3/29/1939. PWA… read more

    City Hall (former)- New Albany MS

    Date added: February 6, 2013; Modified: May 3, 2024

    The historic former New Albany City Hall was designed by Mississippi architect E. L. Malvaney, who designed many modernist buildings in the state. The two-story Art Deco style building (with Art Moderne characteristics) is a Mississippi State Landmark. Joan Embree,… read more

    Horseback riding at Bienville National Forest - Forest MS

    Bienville National Forest – Forest MS

    Date added: August 9, 2016; Modified: January 17, 2024

    With Proclamation 2175, June 15, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Bienville National Forest in Mississippi.  This proclamation was part of FDR’s overall effort to create more national forests in the eastern United States. As with other national forests,… read more

    Post Office Mural – Hazlehurst MS

    Date added: March 25, 2013; Modified: January 7, 2024

    The post office contains a Treasury Section of Fine Arts mural “Life in the Mississippi Cotton Belt,” painted by Auriel Bessemer in 1939 and installed in the Hazlehurst post office that same year. Bessemer was the son of Hungarian immigrants… read more

    Post Office – Hazlehurst MS

    Date added: March 25, 2013; Modified: January 7, 2024

    Hazlehurst’s Colonial Revival style post office is similar to many of the New Deal post offices constructed in Mississippi. The builder, Blair, Algernon Construction Company, was responsible for a large number of Mississippi post offices during that time. The building… read more

    Post Office Mural – Picayune MS

    Date added: March 8, 2014; Modified: December 20, 2023

    “Lumber Region of Mississippi” was painted by Donald H. Robertson in 1940 under the auspices of the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural was painted over in the 1970s.

    Post Office – Picayune MS

    Date added: March 8, 2014; Modified: December 20, 2023

    The Colonial Revival style post office was built in 1937-8. It contains a mural, “Lumber Region of Mississippi” by Donald H. Robertson.

    High School Improvements (demolished) – Magnolia MS

    Date added: October 20, 2019; Modified: October 4, 2023

    The Works Progess Administration (WPA) renovated the old Magnolia High School (built in 1908) in 1938. This followed a lively debate over whether to upgrade or replace the old high school. A new high school had been approved in 1936… read more

    Teacher’s Home Minter City, MS

    Teacher’s Home – Minter City MS

    Date added: October 14, 2018; Modified: July 24, 2023

    The National Youth Administration (NYA) constructed a teacher’s home in Minter City between 1937-1939 as W. P. 5857 application #1102. The construction is documented photographically in the Series 2018 NYA scrapbook. Location of the building was determined from the map… read more

    Armory – Yazoo City MS

    Date added: November 7, 2019; Modified: July 14, 2023

    The armory for Yazoo City was funded by the WPA with a projected cost of $52,000. Located on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Twelfth Street, it was intended for use as the armory, auditorium, and other public use. The… read more

    Mississippi State Capitol Painting and Improvements – Jackson MS

    Date added: April 13, 2014; Modified: July 14, 2023

    Multiple New Deal work relief agencies conducted work at the Mississippi State Capitol during the Great Depression. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) approached the Mississippi state government to put painters to work during the Great Depression. Taking color cues from… read more

    Post Office Sculptures – Ripley MS

    Date added: March 8, 2014; Modified: June 19, 2023

    George Aarons’ three cast stone reliefs, “Development of the Postal Service,” were installed in 1939 in the then-new (and now former) Ripley, Mississippi post office. They were moved to the new post office in 1999 and installed on the back… read more

    Post Office (former) – Ripley MS

    Date added: March 8, 2014; Modified: June 19, 2023

    The 1939 Colonial Revival-style post office was rehabilitated in 1999 and now privately owned; as of 2014 it was home to a communications company, though no longer. The company received a Heritage Award for Excellence in the rehabilitation of the… read more

    Warren County, Mississippi Courthouse

    Warren County Courthouse – Vicksburg MS

    Date added: April 15, 2023; Modified: April 15, 2023

    The Public Works Administration (PWA) of the Federal Works Agency funded the construction of the stately Warren County Courthouse in Vicksburg, Mississippi.