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Sanitary Privies – Tallahatchie County MS

Date added: October 23, 2021

The Works Progress Administration approved a statewide sanitation program for Mississippi in 1935, totaling $390,115.40. The program focused on eliminating typhoid, hookworm and dysentery in 65 of Mississippi’s 82 counties by construction of sanitary toilets (privies) for homes and buildings… read more

Recreational Building: Naval Reserve Park – Biloxi MS

Date added: October 17, 2021

The National Youth Administration built a recreational hall at the Naval Reserve Parkin Biloxi in 1938 as W.P. 4380. They also planted rose bushes, cedar trees, and dog wood trees and numerous flower beds along with the construction of the… read more

L. C. Hatcher Elementary School – Lucedale MS

Date added: October 9, 2021

The one-story Art Deco school building currently used as the elementary school was constructed as Public Works Administration project 4789 as the new high school in Lucedale. The project was approved 3/7/1934 for a loan of $30,500 and grant of… read more

Water Works – Magnolia MS

Date added: October 9, 2021

Public Works Administration project 5487 was approved 4/4/1934 for water works project in Magnolia. The city received a loan of $10,500 and grant for $3,874 to improve the water works system constructed in 1905. Construction began 7/9/1934 and was completed12/22/1934… read more

Red Banks Drainage District -Marshall and DeSoto Counties MS

Date added: October 6, 2021

The Reconstruction Finance Corporation provided 22 loans to drainage districts in Mississippi in 1934, totaling $2,726,150. The Red Banks district received $26,000. From the Coldwater River, Byhalia Creek, Red Banks Creek, and a canal 11 miles long ran through the… read more

Field Experiment Station (former) – Meridian MS

Date added: September 26, 2021

The station was begun in the 1931 as a fruit and vegetable research station. From 1933-1935, the site was expanded and new buildings constructed. The buildings were built by Public Works Administration from 1933 to 1935 with an allotment of… read more

Electric Power Plant and Distribution – Aberdeen MS

Date added: September 25, 2021

Public Works Administration (PWA) 1203 approved a loan of $66,000 and grant of $54,000 for a new electric power plant. The project was approved 11/14/1935. Construction began 10/10/1938 and was completed 10/4/1939. The delay between approval and construction was due… read more

Durant Public School – Durant MS

Date added: September 23, 2021

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Durant Public School in 1940-42. N. W. Overstreet and Associates designed the Art Moderne school building and  W. E. Rubush of Meridian was the superintendent of construction. The building is 181 feet by… read more

Elementary School (former) – Monticello MS

Date added: September 21, 2021

Public Works Administration project 4726 for an elementary school building was approved 3/21/1934 for a $20,000 loan and $8,232 grant. Construction began 6/18/1934 and was completed 5/29/1935. The Colonial Revival style building was designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney and constructed… read more

Water Works System – Sardis MS

Date added: September 20, 2021

Public Works Administration project 4251 was approved 12/28/1933 for a water works system in Sardis. A loan $14,257 and grant of $5,342 was announced in December 1933. Construction began 6/12/1934 and was completed 8/28/1934 for a total of $19,599.

School Improvements – Arcola MS

Date added: September 20, 2021

Public Works Administration project w1218 for $28,635 loan and $28,635 grant was approved 6/22/1938. Construction started 9/14/1938 and was completed 5/10/1939 for a total of $63,968. The citizens voted approval of $55,000 in bonds toward the project with a vote… read more

Street Paving – Aberdeen MS

Date added: September 12, 2021

Public Works Administration project x1377 was approved for a grant of $33,750 on 9/17/1938. The total cost of improvements was approximately $75,000 and were reported to be “one of the most complete street paving system of any town its size… read more

Street Paving Improvements – Amory MS

Date added: September 12, 2021

Amory initiated a street paving program in 1938, using $100,000 in municipal bonds, a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant of $81,818, and a Works Progress Administration (WPA) contribution of $20,000. PWA project x1284 was approved 9/7/1938. Construction began November 23,… read more

Alcorn State University: Lanier Hall – Lorman MS

Date added: September 6, 2021

PWA approved project X1373 for a college dormitory for the HBCU Alcorn State University 9/16/1938. Construction began 12/18/1938 and was completed 8/19/1939. The Colonial Revival brick building is extant and remains in use. Architects Carl L. Olschner and Edgar Lucian… read more