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    Graham High School – Graham TX

    Date added: February 11, 2014; Modified: January 11, 2020

    Graham High School was constructed in 1939 by the CCC camp in Graham (Holub). Wiley G. Clarkson was the architect, and the school is listed as one of his accomplishments (Clarkson & Co.). Clarkson is documented as having been one… read more

    Post Office (former) – Graham TX

    Date added: February 17, 2013; Modified: April 11, 2017

    “Built in 1935-1936 at a cost of $60,000, this was the seventh and first long-term post office in Graham. It was one of a number of Depression-era federally funded projects built in the city. An excellent example of a Moderne… read more

    Post Office (former) Mural – Graham TX

    Date added: February 17, 2013; Modified: April 3, 2015

    Mural entitled “Oil Fields of Graham” painted by Alexandre Hogue, University of Tulsa Art Professor Emeritus, in 1939. The mural “depicts the area’s economic base, oil and natural gas production, and agriculture”(Old Post Office Museum and Art Center, The… read more