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    State Highway 78 Bridge (Demolished) – Bonham TX

    Date added: November 4, 2018; Modified: September 26, 2021

    SH 78 bridge at Red River is the only surviving K-Truss bridge in Texas. It has an overall length of 2,108 feet, and provides a crossing between Fannin County, Texas and Bryan County, Oklahoma. The “eight riveted K-truss through spans,… read more

    School Auditorium and Gymnasium – Bonham TX

    Date added: April 29, 2016; Modified: April 11, 2017

    This striking structure was built by the PWA for what was then the local high school. The building’s historic landmark plaque: “Using funds from the Federal Public Works Administration and local tax dollars, this structure was built to provide space… read more

    Bonham State Park – Bonham TX

    Date added: November 5, 2014; Modified: April 11, 2017

    The state acquired the land for Bonham State Park in 1933 from the City of Bonham. The Civilian Conservation Corps developed the 261-acre park, landscaping the rocky, hilly terrain for erosion control and recreational purposes, and constructing an earthen dam… read more