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    Butterfield School (former) – Abilene TX

    Date added: February 5, 2022

    The Butterfield School was constructed in 1935 as a red brick building, with no kitchen or indoor toilets. In fall of 1938, improvements were begun through a National Youth Administration Project. The project included construction of rock walls for landscaping,… read more

    Cobb Park Landscaping – Abilene TX

    Date added: August 8, 2019

    The National Youth Administration (NYA) completed landscaping work in Cobb Park Landscaping – Abilene TX. NYA Park Project To Begin Thursday: A National Youth Administration park Improvement project for the city of Abilene will begin Thursday, it was learned here yesterday…. read more

    Carter G. Woodson School – Abilene TX

    Date added: February 14, 2018; Modified: February 14, 2018

    The first public school for African Americans in Abilene was established in 1890. Located in the 200 block of Plum Street, the one-room school was named the Abilene Colored School. Its first class consisted of 22 students and one teacher…. read more

    North Junior High School (former) – Abilene TX

    Date added: January 7, 2014; Modified: February 14, 2018

    North Junior High School, renamed Franklin Middle School during the 1980s, was a WPA project constructed during 1942. The building was demolished at the end of 2010 (or very early 2011) and the Mary P. Martinez Elementary School was built… read more

    Federal Building – Abilene TX

    Date added: January 30, 2015; Modified: April 11, 2017

    Abilene’s historic Federal Building was constructed as the U.S. Post Office and Court House during the Great Depression. It was constructed with Treasury Department funds between 1935 and 1936. The building is still used by various federal agencies.

    South Junior High School (former) – Abilene TX

    Date added: January 14, 2014; Modified: October 24, 2015

    Abilene’s South Junior High School, renamed Jefferson Middle School during the 1980s, was a 1942 WPA project. No longer a middle school, the building has “been used while other Abilene Independent School District campuses [are] renovated.”

    Taylor County Welfare Office – Abilene TX

    Date added: October 24, 2015

    The Works Progress Administration built the Taylor County Agriculture Building in Abilene, Texas between 1938 and 1939. The building then became the Taylor County Welfare Office for a number of years. The building’s current use is unknown. Anecdotes tell that… read more

    Lake Fort Phantom Hill Dam – Abilene TX

    Date added: January 7, 2014; Modified: August 29, 2014

    New Deal funds aided in the construction a dam north of Abilene on Elm Creek, resulting in the creation of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. The lake continues to be “the city’s main water source.” Sources do not indicate exactly which… read more

    Municipal Street Improvements – Abilene TX

    Date added: January 7, 2014

    The Abilene Reporter-News discusses a WPA project undertaken in 1936, one which helped to unify downtown Abilene: “One of the most practical projects, still affecting thousands of Abilenians each day, was the raising of the railroad tracks in downtown Abilene… read more