• Uncovering California’s New Deal Art

    A daring exhibition at the University of Santa Clara in 1976 began the rediscovery of a buried civilization then itself only forty years in the past. “New Deal Art: California,” a six-month exhibition at the De Saisset Gallery, pulled out of storage… read more

  • New Deal Art Under Our Noses

    Last week, we reported on a Works Progress Administration (WPA) mural unearthed from a post office basement. This week, courtesy of Diane Bell and the San Diego Union-Tribune, we bring news of WPA art “hidden in plain sight.”   Last… read more

  • SDSU Sculpture – San Diego CA

    This 5′ high black diorite sculpture “The Aztec” was carved by Donal Hord and his team in 1936, a project that took a year to complete.  The one-ton block of stone they sculpted was quarried locally from Escondido. Previously in… read more

  • Coronado Public Library – Coronado CA

    This 59″ high woven tapestry “Fruits of the Earth” was designed by Donal Hord, and woven by Marian Kendall, V. Kelley, and F. Manchester. It was created in 1939 with support from the WPA Federal Art Project. It originally hung… read more

  • South Pasadena Middle School Bas-Relief – South Pasadena CA

    This WPA bas-relief “CCC Workers” was carved for the school by Donal Hord in 1933. It shows CCC workers engaged in a variety of activities. The relief adorns the south entrance of the school auditorium. It has recently been restored… read more

  • Exposition Park Sculpture – Los Angeles CA

    This cast stone sculpture by Donal Hord was funded by the PWAP in 1934. The sculpture depicts a man crouching behind a wheel filled with gears and is variously known as “Man and the Wheel” or “Wheel of Industry” or… read more

  • Balboa Park: House of Hospitality Sculpture – San Diego CA

    This 4′ high Indiana limestone sculpture and fountain by Donal Hord is titled “Woman of Tehuantepec” and is located in the courtyard of the House of Hospitality at San Diego’s Balboa Park.

  • San Diego County Administration Center Sculpture – San Diego CA

    The “Guardian of Water” is a granite sculpture, with a mosaic and frieze around the base. It was created by Donal Hord in 1939, with support from the WPA. The sculpture is a 23′ high figure of a woman holding… read more

  • Coronado High School – Coronado CA

    This Works Progress Administration (WPA) building is also the site of the “Legend of California” relief panels, sculpted in 1939 by Donald Hord for the WPA Federal Art Project.