Willow Creek Dam and Reservoir – Prescott AZ


"The upper illustration shows the Willow Creek Dam where the impounded water forms the reservoir, and the lower illustration is of the Willow Creek Dam spillway. The dam is constructed of concrete, 6 feet thick at the base, 2 1/2 feet thick at the top, 85 feet in height, and is built on a radius of 102 feet. The reservoir has a capacity of 8,000 acre-feet. The project included, as well, a small diversion dam on Granite Creek with a diversion canal to Willow Creek and repairs to the main canal. It was completed in April 1939 at a construction cost of $101,165 and a project cost of $127,752."


Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown. "Public Buildings: A Survey of Architecture of Projects Constructed by Federal and Other Governmental Bodies Between the Years 1933 and 1939 with the Assistance of the Public Works Administration." (1939).

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Location Info

Willow Creek Reservoir
Prescott, AZ 86301

Location notes:

Coordinates: 34.603666, -112.439577

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