The Citadel Military College of South Carolina Barracks – Charleston SC


"The lack of facilities in the plant made it impossible to meet the demand for an increase in the student body until funds appropriated by the State legislature and a P.W.A. grant made possible the construction of several buildings, one of which was this barracks. It is substantially the same both architecturally and as to construction as the Murray barracks which were built in 1926. It is 4 stories in height and is built around an inner courtyard surrounded with balconies. It provides 52 rooms, 2 toilet rooms, 2 dressing rooms, and 2 shower rooms on each floor.

The construction is frame except the outer walls which are brick and tile stuccoed. The project was completed in April 1939 at a construction cost of $254,306 and a project cost of $264,495 for the barracks only."


Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown. "Public Buildings: A Survey of Architecture of Projects Constructed by Federal and Other Governmental Bodies Between the Years 1933 and 1939 with the Assistance of the Public Works Administration." (1939).

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Location Info

171 Moultrie St.
Charleston, SC 29409

Location notes:

Coordinates: 32.796868, -79.958263

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