National Guard Armory – Lodi CA


Originally built and used as an armory for the National Guard, the building hosted the first wave of eight hundred Lodians of Japanese descent on May 18, 1943, who assembled there for the bus trip to the Stockton Fairgrounds Assembly Center before going to Rohwer War Relocation Camp in Arkansas. During and after the Second World War, the National Guard used the Armory for training and storing equipment. In 2002, the City of Lodi leased it for five years, with the intention of using it for recreation. In 2009, an adult women's dodgeball league began to play there while the National Guard was not using the building for training purposes. When the Iraq War began, National Guard units shipped out from the Armory.


Source notes

"1936 Through the Federally Funded Works Progress
Administration the National Guard Armory was built."
"WPA will Complete Lodi Armory," Lodi News Sentinel, July 23, 1935, page 1.

Online submissions by Suga Moriwaki, with the San Joaquin Historical Society and Museum

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Location Info

333 N. Washington Street
Lodi, CA 95249

Location notes:

Coordinates: 38.139229, -121.268209

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