Kletzsch Park – Glendale WI


“Kletzsch Park was also greatly improved with the use of relief labor. A Civilian Conservation Corps camp was established in Kletzsch Park in May of 1935 and discontinued in November of 1935.

The CCC projects completed included a new dam built across the Milwaukee River with CCC labor. The new structure, built of reinforced concrete in a serpentine design to lengthen the crest, provided increased discharge capacity without widening the river. Models prepared by the landscape design section of the planning department served as guides in erecting the stone facing and the fish ladder built into the face of the dam. The dam has the appearance of a natural waterfall.

The shelter in Kletzsch Park was also constructed by the CCC. The 1933-36 Annual Report says a new park pavilion, embodying Swiss architectural features was built at the top of the bluff overlooking the Milwaukee River in the center of the picnic area. It was necessary to do grading and landscaping along the bluff to provide a proper view of the river from the open east wing of the pavilion.”


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6561 N Milwaukee River Pkwy
Glendale, WI 53209

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Coordinates: 43.139886, -87.925193

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