Father Junipero Serra Sculpture – Ventura CA


This statue of the Franciscan missionary, Father Junipero Serra was commissioned by the WPA in 1935. John Palo Kangas made the statue out of concrete. The original concrete deteriorated over time. In 1989, the original was placed in storage and replaced with an exact replica in bronze.

The Art Inventories Catalog gives the following description:
“Full-length portrait of Father Junipero Serra. He wears a cleric’s robe with cowl and rope belt around the waist. A rosary hangs from his belt at his proper left side. He holds a book in his proper left hand. In his proper right hand he holds a walking stick close to his torso. He wears sandals on his feet. His head is turned to the proper left. The bronze sculpture is patinaed and stands on a concrete base faced with polished black Andean granite.”

A nearby plaque reads:
“Fra. Junipero Serra by John Palo-Kangas. November 27, 1936. San Buenaventura Historical Preservation Commission, landmark No. 3”.


Source notes

Project submitted by Douglas Dodd.


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Location Info

Poli St. and California St.
Ventura, CA 93002

Location notes:
The statue is located in front of the Ventura City Hall.

Coordinates: 34.282130, -119.292689

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