City and County of San Francisco Coroner’s Office – San Francisco CA


Completed rehabilitation of building started under S. E. R. A. projects, including plumbing, pipe covering, electric work, rearrangement of library and painting.–Healy, p. 69.

This building no longer exists. It was demolished along with the neighboring County Jail and Hall of Justice and replaced by the San Francisco Hilton.


Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

Source notes

Healy, Clyde E. San Francisco Improved: Report of Clyde E. Healy, Assistant City Engineer - City of San Francisco and Coordinator of W.P.A. Projects, Period October 10, 1935 to August 31, 1939. San Francisco : [s.n.]., 1939. United States. Work Projects Administration (Calif.) Report on Progress of the Works Program in San Francisco. January, 1938. Works Progress Administration / William Mooser, Jr., branch manager. [San Francisco? 1938]

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Location Info

650 Merchant St.
San Francisco, CA 94111

Location notes:

Coordinates: 37.795000, -122.404000

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