Alvarado Park Stonework – Richmond CA


"Alvarado Park has long been a favorite picnic spot in Richmond. The original facilities at Alvarado Park included an open-air pavilion and dance hall (later converted to a popular roller rink). These are now gone; what remains is the extensive stone work, including stone walls, stone light standards, and a beautiful stone arch bridge across Wildcat Creek. Because of the unique history and depression era WPA stone work, Alvarado Park is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Alvarado was a city park until it was transferred to the East Bay Regional Park district to become part of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park."


Source notes

William R. Lawson. "Achievements, Federal Works Agency. Work Projects Administration, Northern California." 1940: 52.

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Location Info

Alvarado Park
Richmond, CA 94806

Location notes:

Coordinates: 37.953202, -122.319964

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