Project Team & Associates




RICHARD WALKER, Director       
Richard Walker is professor emeritus of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught from 1975 to 2012.  He is co-author of The Capitalist Imperative (1989) and The New Social Economy (1992), and has written extensively on California, including The Conquest of Bread (2004), The Country in the City (2007), and The Altas of California (2012).  He serves on the Living New Deal non-profit board of directors.

GRAY BRECHIN, Project Scholar   
Gray Brechin is the founder of  the Living New Deal and former Vice-President of the National New Deal Preservation Association.  He is an historical geographer and author, who received a B.A. in History and Geography, an M.A. in Art History, and a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley.  Gray is author of Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin (1999), considered a classic of urban studies. Gray regularly lectures around the country about the New Deal legacy. He serves on the Living New Deal non-profit board of directors.

GABE MILNER, Project Manager       
Gabe is the current project manager for the Living New Deal. He hold a Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked closely with the Regional Oral History office of the Bancroft Library. Gabe is an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco, where he teaches US history, including the New Deal Era.  Gabe’s research centers on cultural memory in the late 19th and early 20th century United States.

HARVEY SMITH, Project Advisor
Harvey is President of the National New Deal Preservation Association and an expert on New Deal art. In 2010 Harvey was co-curator of “The American Scene: New Deal Art, 1935-1943,” in Walnut Creek, California. He received a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, and he has worked as a union carpenter, public health worker, radio journalist, horse rancher, and public school teacher. He is the author of New Deal Berkeley (Arcadia Press, 2014) and a member of the Living New Deal non-profit board of directors.

SUSAN IVES,  Communications & Development
Susan’s contributions to the Living New Deal include publishing the quarterly newsletter,  organizing fundraising events, creating brochures and maps, and more.  Susan Ives Communications provides strategic communications to nonprofits, public agencies, philanthropies and social venture businesses. Her writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines and online. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from University of Michigan, an M.P.A. from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and is a graduate of Coro Foundation. Susan has served as Vice President for Public Affairs at Trust for Public Land, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Environmental Affairs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Communications Director for Planned Parenthood, and Media Officer at Sierra Club.

LISA THOMPSON,  IT consultant & webmaster 
Lisa Thompson has worked as a graphic designer and web developer since the early days of the internet. She is a naturalist who swims and kayaks the waters of Tomales Bay. An author of short stories, essays and travelogues, Lisa is an alumna of the Department of English Literature at the University of California, Irvine.  She manages the Living New Deal website and map, and is forever at work on improvements and updates for us.

JOHN STEHLIN,  Submissions Gatekeeper
John is in charge of all submissions of site data and stories to the Living New Deal database and map, which includes background research and verification of information.  He is the main conduit from our Research Associates to the Berkeley Team and for contacts to  He is just completing his Ph.D. in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, and his work concerns the role of the bicycle in the gentrification of American cities.  He is a long-time bicycle activist.

BARBARA BERNSTEIN, Public Art Specialist
Barbara founded the New Deal Art Registry, a crowd-sourcing web site that has collected photos and data about thousands of New Deal murals and sculptures around the country.   She is thrilled that this great resource is finally being appreciated and protected. Before moving to California she uncovered much forgotten public art in Chicago and her award-winning short film Silver Lining (1978) helped revive interest in the Federal Art Project. She has been a software company executive and technical writer, and she was for many years a columnist for Software Magazine. Barbara is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

CHRIS CARLSSON, New Deal Film Archivist       <>
Chris is a well known activist, writer and historian in San Francisco.  His books include Ten Years That Shook The City, Nowtopia and Critical Mass (the bicycle movement he helped to found in the early 1990s).  Chris overseas the wonderful history website on San Francisco called and has worked closely with the Internet Archive, where he is creating a New Deal film archive for the Living New Deal.

GARRETT BRADFORD, Cartographer   
Garrett is a GIS analyst with the casualty practice of Milliman, Inc. in San Francisco. Garrett is a trained cartographer with expertise in the creation and management of spatial data, spatial analysis, geocoding and python scripting. He received a B.A. in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 and is currently an M.S. candidate in Geographic Information Science at San Francisco State University. He has helped up with our New Deal map of San Francisco, coming out soon.

YING LEE, Political Advisor                    
Ying taught in the Berkeley Unified School District and served on the Berkeley City Council in the 1970s. She joined Congressman Ronald Dellum’s staff in 1984 and later served as Legislative Director for Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Ying retired in 2000. She works in the anti-war movement, is a Trustee for the Berkeley Public Library, and helps to raise her three grandchildren. She is an active member of Grandmothers for Peace and author of Ying Lee: From Shanghai to Berkeley, An Oral History (Berkeley Historical Society, 2012).



ALEX TARR, Project Manager 2013-14       
Alex is a past project manager for the Living New Deal. He is a doctoral student in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, just completing his dissertation. He studies the geography of cities, especially Los Angeles and urban agriculture. He is both a New Deal devotee and an IT magician who kept our website functioning in the face of many challenges.  He serves on the Living New Deal non-profit board of directors.

RACHEL BRAHINSKY, Project Manager 2012-13
Rachel was our first Living New Deal project manager and left an indelible mark on the project.  She holds a Ph.D. in Geography from UC Berkeley and now teaches at the University of San Francisco in the Graduate Program in Urban Affairs, based in the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good.  Rachel was postdoctoral fellow in the Berkeley Geography Department in 2012-13, at the same time as she served as the Living New Deal’s project director.  She serves on the Living New Deal non-profit board of directors.

LINDSEY DILLON, Research Assistant
Lindsey is a former graduate student in the Geography Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Davis.  She was our first student Research Assistant, when the project was just getting off the ground, and was invaluable in those early years, 2007-10.

JOHN ELRICK, Research Assistant            
John is a doctoral student in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, where he is working on his dissertation on the history of land development and property capital in 19th century San Francisco.  He assisted us with documenting New Deal sites for the national database and map.

BEN HASS, Website Developer   
Ben is a web developer and interactive media specialist. Prior to working as a technology consultant, Ben studied Art History and Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Ben improved the design of the Living New Deal website and built the current map and infrastructure. He served as our webmaster from 2010-2013.

GRETA MARCHESI,  Research Assistant & Gatekeeper,  2014
Greta was in charge of all submissions of site data and stories to the Living New Deal database and map. Greta is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, finishing up her dissertation. She studies how political visions have shaped scientific knowledge, including the influence of the New Deal on scientific experiments at the Soil Conservation Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

SHAINA POTTS, Research Assistant & Gatekeeper
Shaina is a doctoral student in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, who studies the geography of finance, focusing on the intersection of finance, politics, and space. She is pursuing a dissertation on the relationship between transnational finance, state authority, and class structure in post-default Argentina.  She handled data entry and database management for the Living New Deal from 2010 to 2014, and was essential to building our archive and map in a critical period of growth.

TERRY DIGGS, Advisor              
Terry is adjunct professor at University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where she teaches a seminar on Film and the Law about the social, political and economic significance of film narratives on the justice system. She has taught Criminal Procedure, Criminal Trial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy. She writes a regular column for American Lawyer Media and speaks extensively about the intersection of legal cases and culture.

Elizabeth Camacho, programmer at IRLE, University of California, Berkeley;
Heather Lynch, former programmer at IRLE, now with Google;
Lisa Ericksen, our first project manager, formerly with the California Historical Society; Tim Drescher, Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University;
Terry Huwe, Librarian, IRLE;
Jane White, Berkeley.

LND Team, 2008

Living New Deal Team 2008
LND Team, 2008

Elrick, Potts, Ives, Walker, Brechin, Kinsey, Smith

LND Team, May 2012
LND Team, May 2012


LND Team, June 2013

Living New Deal team, June 2013
LND Team, June 2013
Photo Credit: Alex Tarr



SUSAN C. ALLEN – Mississippi & the Delta Region          <>
Susan is a Professor of Social Work at the University of Mississippi and is particularly focused on murals and other New Deal sites in Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Susan writes a regular column for a Mississippi historic preservation blog under the pen name Suzassippi.

DON BARRETT – At large associate for photography    <>
Don is an environmentalist, sociologist and activist based in the Coachella Valley, California, who spends much of his time exploring the rural U.S. West. His photography uses nature, architecture, and history to stimulate thinking about the environment and cultural identity, and to encourage ordinary citizens to explore, document and share the world through photography.  He is Assistant Editor of the Second International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor Emeritus at California State University, San Marcos.

STEFANO BLOCH –  Rhode Island          <>
Stefano is a native of Los Angeles where he conducted his dissertation research on the many layers of graffiti and murals painted atop a series of WPA retaining walls on Sunset Boulevard. He has an MA in urban planning from UCLA and a Ph.D in geography from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a Mellon Fellow in the Urban Studies Program and Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University.

JAMES BOHLAND – Western Virginia
James Bohland, an emeritus professor from the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs, has convened a group of scholars and archivists in the New River Valley area of Virginia. The Virginia Living New Deal research team is comprised of seasoned researchers from institutions including the Smithsonian, Ohio State, Michigan State, and The Roanoke Times. 

AMY BORLAND – Indiana     <>
Amy is an architectural historian with the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology and lives in Indianapolis. She holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and M.S. in Historic Preservation from Ball State. Her grandfather was in the CCC , where he was the unit photographer; his photo album documents work the unit did in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. In 2007, Amy helped produce a Division calendar featuring some of Indiana’s post office murals  and is working with interns to identify New Deal era projects around the state.

DEVIN COLMAN – Vermont       <>
Devin is State Architectural Historian at the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. He received an M.A. in Historic Preservation from the University of Vermont and wrote a thesis on modernist residential architecture in northwestern Vermont. He is a past president of the Recent Past Preservation Network. The 2005 rehabilitation of the modernist Crystal Lake Bathhouse, a 1939 CCC project in Barton, VT, piqued his interest in identifying and documenting New Deal projects throughout the state.

WILLIAM COOK – Maryland &  Washington, D.C. region   <>
Will is a retired aerospace engineer who lives in Columbia and Royal Oak, Maryland.  He is on the board of several nonprofit organizations, including Adkins Arboretum and the Old-Growth Forest Network, is a member of the Town of Easton Tree Board, and is a supporter of the Historical Society of Talbot County, Maryland.  His interests include oil painting, photography and website development.

FRANK DA CRUZ – New York City/The Bronx        <>
After stints in the Army, as a musician and as a taxi driver in the 1960s and 70s, Frank got a B.A. and M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.  He led the Kermit Software project for many years and wrote books on the Kermit protocol, as well as the history of computing at Columbia.  In 2012 he retired to the Bronx, becoming a devotee of the borough and photographing its many delights, including New Deal projects.

SARAH DOWNING – Coastal North Carolina & Virginia   <>
Sarah is the assistant curator of the Outer Banks History Center in Manteo, North Carolina and has written extensively on the area’s history.  She is reminded daily of New Deal projects undertaken in her adopted home, such as the creation of miles of sand dunes by the CCC and the birth of modern outdoor drama with the staging of Paul Green’s The Lost Colony as part of the Federal Theater Program in 1937.

DOUGLAS W. DODD – Central California   <>
Doug is Associate Professor of History at California State University, Bakersfield.  He earned his Ph.D. in history at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He specializes in public history, environmental history, and the history of California and the American West, and he is currently working on a history of the CCC in California’s national parks.

CHARLES EPTING – Southern California    <>
Charles is a junior studying history and geology at the University of Southern California. He recently published his second book, The New Deal in Orange County, California  (History Press, 2014). His interests include early 20th century popular culture, architecture, and literature.

GENE FISCHER – Nebraska     <>
Gene is a retired school teacher who worked for 35 years in the York, Nebraska Public Schools with special needs students. Since 2010 he has written a weekly column of political and social commentary for the York News-Times. He also writes a monthly history feature for the paper which he hopes will have his readers seeing their community in new ways.

DAVID GATES – Midwest & all US post offices   <>
David is from Chicago and has been photographing and documenting Post Offices around the country, including New Deal buildings and artwork. His website records the photos and stories associated with each one he’s visited. David is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Information Technology Project Management.

MICHELLE HANSFORD – S.W. Missouri         <>
Michelle has an MA from Eastern Illinois University and 35 years of experience with preservation organizations, history museums, and cultural/heritage tourism initiatives throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri.  She was a long-time member of the Missouri Humanities Council, including two years as chair, and is past president of the Missouri Museums Association (now Missouri Association of Museums & Archives) and a former board member of the Route 66 Association of Missouri.

NATALIE HENEGHAN –  Minnesota   <>
Natalie is a history student at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She particularly enjoys studying the history of the United States through its music, art, structures, and stories. Natalie also has experience in historic preservation and genealogy research.

MELISSA HERMES – Rural Minnesota  <>
Melissa is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who earned her M.A. from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  She is the Curator of Education for the Otter Tail County Historical Society in West Central Minnesota where, in addition to her regular job duties, she conducts research on the oft overlooked cultures of rural Minnesota. She writes a column on historic women for In Good Company magazine.

JOHN HOCTOR – Connecticut     <>
John has a journalism background and has written for The Army Times in Washington, D.C., and The Fog City Journal in San Francisco. Most recently he has been a staff writer for the Weston Magazine Group, Westport, Connecticut, freelance for the Fairfield Co Weekly, the Norwalk Beat, and editor of Westport’s HamletHub.

EVAN KALISH – New York Regional Director    <>
Evan is based in New York City and has done extensive work documenting post offices around the country, including many New Deal buildings and murals.  He has visited nearly 6,000 post offices across 49 states; his work and blog, Going Postal: A Photo Journal of Post Offices and Places, have been featured by several major media outlets.  He is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania, with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Urban Spatial Analytics.

JUDITH KENNY – Oregon      <>
Judith is an associate professor emerita of Geography from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she taught from 1990 to 2012. As an urban cultural geographer and former city planner, her publications reflect common research themes related to her interest in planning discourse, the built environment, and the politics of place. Recently returned to her home state of Oregon, she is now focusing her research on the role of federal and state government in the making of its regional culture.

SUSAN ALLEN KLINE – Texas        <>
Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Susan is a historic preservation consultant who specializes in the preparation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.   She is the author of the book Ft. Worth Parks (Arcadia Books, 2010).  She has a particular passion for resources associated with the New Deal and is spearheading our research efforts in Texas.

RENEÉ KOLVET – Nevada            <>
Renée Corona Kolvet is a historic preservation specialist/archaeologist. She has spent the last 15 years studying the CCC and New Deal programs in Nevada. Her research also includes Depression-era programs on Nevada’s Indian Reservations.

ROBERT KRAUSE – Eastern Virginia & Washington, D.C.
Robert grew up in Montana, did his undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi, received an M.A. in U.S. Environmental and Public History at Oklahoma State University, and went back to Mississippi for a Ph.D in U.S. History, studying the environmental history of New Deal projects there and in Florida. He has worked as a curator, public historian, and researcher and is currently Program Coordinator for the Historic Preservation Section of the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, focusing on New Deal projects.  His grandfather and great-uncle served in the CCC  in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

BRENT MCKEE   – Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
Brent was our first research associate and is now Director of Mid-Atlantic Research. Brent has an M.A. in Public Policy  from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an M.A. in History from American Public University.  He serves on the board of the National New Deal Preservation Association and has created a website and newsletter to help preserve the history of the WPA.  Prior to catching the New Deal bug, Brent managed a Maryland state program for inmates and served in Americorps.

TARA MIELNIK – Tennessee           <>
Tara is Federal Programs Coordinator for the Metropolitan Nashville Historical Commission.  She is the author of New Deal, New Landscape: The Civilian Conservation Corps and South Carolina’s State Parks (2011).

LARRY MOORE – Texas                <>
Larry was born in San Antonio, raised in Austin, and got a B.S. in Management from Park University, Austin.  He has spent years researching, creating and editing Texas-related articles on Wikipedia and adding hundreds of images of Texas to Wikimedia Commons. His favorite photographic subjects are county courthouses, state parks, and National Register of Historic Places sites. Although particularly fond of Second Empire, Romanesque Revival and Victorian architecture, research on the New Deal era has helped him appreciate Art Deco, Moderne and National Park Service rustic styles.

PAMELA PIETROWSKY  – Chicago         <>
Pamela is an Independent Historic Preservation Consultant based in Chicago and has an M.S. in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute.  Pamela’s thesis discussed decorative metalwork in commercial lobbies within Chicago’s Loop, 1890 – 1930.  Pamela was a member of a ten-person team who won the HABS Peterson Prize for documentation of the On Leong Merchant’s Association Building in the Chinatown neighborhood of Chicago.

Angelia is working on a Masters of Library and Information Science at the University of Kentucky. She created a survey of WPA projects in Kentucky, available at, that demonstrates the rich store of materials on the Works Progress Administration in the University of Kentucky Library archives

SAMUEL REDMAN  – New England Research Director
Sam began with the Living New Deal as  book review manager while working on his dissertation at University of California, Berkeley.  Sam received his Ph.D. in American History and served as the Lead Interviewer for two WWII-era oral history projects for the Regional Oral History Office at the university’s Bancroft Library.  Sam is presently Assistant Professor of History at University of Massachusetts-Amherst and our point man for Massachusetts.

ANNIE SEGAN – New York City       <>
Annie Rothstein Segan is a personal historian and independent scholar whose work has been honored at the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress. She is the daughter of Arthur Rothstein (1915-85), the first photographer hired by the Historical Section of the Resettlement/Farm Security Administration. The 170,000 photographs taken by Rothstein and other FSA photographers are a comprehensive portrait of America during the Great Depression. Rothstein was dedicated to the use of documentary photography to foster social change and, in that spirit, Dr. Segan searches out opportunities to present his work.

CHARLES SWANEY – Missouri         <>
Charles is a retired physician specializing in Radiology, living in Columbia, Missouri.  As he says, “Since images are so important to my work, a love of art is understandable and over my life, I have found so many points of connection with parts of various New Deal programs and am wanting to highlight those to the people of this country and state to keep their memory alive.”

ERIN TERBEEK – Wisconsin           <>
Erin completed her M.A. in Public History and Museum Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where she focused on the New Deal, World War II propaganda posters, and Victory Gardens.  Erin writes a local history column for the Shepherd Express, a Milwaukee newspaper, where she often discusses New Deal history in articles like this one.

COLLEEN WALTER – Maryland     <>
Colleen is co-editor of the Mid-Atlantic (formerly Maryland) New Deal Newsletter with Brent McKee.  She holds an M.A. in History from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) and her Master’s Thesis dealt with the Civilian Conservation Corps in western Maryland.

ELIZABETH WINTER – Photographer at large       <>
Elizabeth is a New Deal buff who travels regularly between homes in Nashville, Tennessee and Taos, New Mexico.  She went to college at Evergreen State in Washington and earned a joint M.A. in Photography from New York University and the International Center of Photography. She also holds an M.S. in Fish Biology and worked on several tribal environmental programs. She has a lifelong enthusiasm for exploring back roads and for the work of Dorothea Lange and the FSA photographers.

BARBARA YOUNG – Chicago          <>
Barbara is currently an adult student at DePaul University with a focus on 20th Century American art, culture and technology. A long-time fan of WPA art, she became interested in historic preservation while researching family genealogy. Apart from the greater Chicago area, she brings her camera whenever she travels just in case an undocumented New Deal site is nearby.

(at the University of California, Berkeley)

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

Terra is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Geography, with a focus on food systems. She grew up in eastern North Carolina and is currently researching the role of New Deal programs in shaping this area of the country.

Claire is an undergraduate studying English, with a focus on American literature, and a double minor in Geography and Creative Writing. She co-runs and illustrates an online literary magazine, Oatmeal Magazine: A Literary Breakfast of Champions. She is currently doing research on the New Deal in South Carolina.

Tomoyo is majoring in Sociology, with a double minor in Demography and Music. She has performed on the Carillion in Sather Tower. And, thanks to growing up Sapporo, site of the 1972 Winter Olympics, she is also a black diamond skier. Currently, she is doing research on New Deal Art in New Mexico.

Burt was an Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Major major. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and grew up in San Ramon, California. He did research on the effects of the New Deal on the state of Hawaii.

Elise was cognitive science major from the Bay Area and involved with the Asian American Association (AAA) and Cal Opportunity Scholars Association (COSA). She did research on the New Deal in Oregon.

Ian was a Cognitive Science major, with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but has family ties are to the Hudson Valley of New York. He researched the differential impact of New Deal programs across racial lines due to discriminatory institutions and legislation.

Read more about how these people contributed time and expertise to the Living New Deal on our project history page.